The pain points of language service market

Unemployment and labor demand exist
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A new language service Economy

A New Language Service Economy Language Chain provides digital workforce on demand for the individual/enterprise. Based on the Language Chain, a multi-lingual service platform / mobile application / hardware platform will be set up to connect the excess supply market to the under-supply market; and implant fragmented language services into the needs of fragmented language services in people's lives.

Business applications

Welcome language service provider/individual to join us!

Apply to be a language service worker and make money on Language Chain
  • Get more partners

    When you are the worker on Language Chain, you will be on-line collaboration with many language services to get more customers.
  • Use skills to get higher achievements

    When you join the network of the Language Chain, we will provide terminology data sharing, terminology, etc. to enhance your skills in the ecosystem.
  • Long-term job opportunities

    Language Chain will offer long-term and stable job opportunities for our outstanding workers through the stable and reliable business opportunities.
  • Gain from the fragmentation time

    Whether you are students or office workers, you can earn income using your idle time through our Language Chain.
  • Enjoy more welfare policy

    Language Chain will provide insurance, loans and other truly decentralized services for the long-tern stable workers, and let them have a relieved and happy work time.
  • Let us grow together

    Language Chain will improve our platform, sale and worker’s network constantly and maintain our income of the digital assets at the same time; this will be an exciting part.

Language Chain ROADMAP

  • 2018 Q1
    Digital Wallet 1.0 released,Deploy 100,000 service node certification,Mobile Wallet 1.0 released.
  • 2018 04
    The first business generated, steady 10 transactions weekly, corporate customers 5 + on-line, text language services landing.
  • 2018 05
    Launch the first travel-based language services product - Mobile 1.0 released.
  • 2018 06
    Publish online crowdsourcing platform V1.0, intelligent scheduling algorithm launched
  • 2018 07
    Choose one field between film culture and cross-border trade, and then deploying the business; The Language Chain is deployed and internally tested.
  • 2018 08
    PC-based term products launched introduce machine learning system and deploy shared nodes.
  • 2018 09
    Community bonus distributed, conducting a global offline party.
  • 2018 10
    Release mobile wallet 2.0 version.
  • 2018 11
    Online service more than 30 + customers, service nodes increased to 300,000.
  • 2018 12
    2018 General Assembly held, released the annual work report.
  • 2019 Future
    API open platform construction,use mature technology to access smart city services,publish more business products.

Insurance plan for language service worker

Language Chain will provide insurance for our online language service workers. This insurance plan will make part-time workers pay more attention to their health and enjoy a more flexible and freer time.
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